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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Editor's Choice: Blog Feature of the Week

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 AUGUST 10TH, 2014

This week, our feature comes from our own Coastal Newsletter:

Salinas Christmas Project

For the past two years the Ladies Coffee/Cocktail Klatch has helped sponsor a children's group at Christmas time including the orphange in Olon and Buena Fuente, a school in a very poor district on the Santa Elena peninsula. Papa Noel puts in an appearance and hands out gifts. The looks on the faces of the children are priceless and the tears in the eyes of people who attend tell of the joy of giving. Expats and Ecuadorians alike have very generously donated their time, presents, money, food and gift wrapping expertise each year. 

We are continuing the tradition this year with a public grade school located in a very poor section of the Muey neighborhood here in Salinas. The name of the school is Oasis Tamayense. The school has 289 students and 9 teachers. The ages of the children are from 3 to 12. In Ecuador, these are grades 1 through 7. They have to teach the students in two shifts because there are not enough classrooms.

A small group of ladies went to meet the children at their school last Thursday. They were all very polite, excited and proud to have the extranjeras visit. Petra Blair snapped the attached pictures while we were there.

This is the largest group of children we have sponsored to date. It is three times the number we supported last year. However, when the question of whether we could pull this off was presented to the Ladies group it was met with a resounding “YES”.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming fund raising events and donation jars placed in strategic business locations. We will need the support of the entire community to help bring a Feliz Navidad to these very precious children.

Copy and paste the following URL into your browser to see Petra's photo of the school visit.

AUGUST 3RD, 2014

Final thoughts on the rental home construction (source blog 'retiring in Ecuador')

 After nearly 7 months of construction and disruptions what are my final thoughts? Would I do it again? What would I change? So many questions could circle around in one's head. Basically when it comes to building a home in Ecuador, one word stands out in my mind. That word is 'patience!'

In Ecuador, if you plan on retiring in Ecuador while building a home or even just a vacation property, you need to understand that things are not always going to be quick, on budget or on time. It is one of those cultural things you simply can not push to harshly to change. If the "whip" is too long then you simply will have your workers protesting in disgust and not show up for work! So it is a fine dance of patience and gentle nudging on your part. Often a cash bonus works well if you want the project to be accelerated more quickly. However, if you decide to use this tactic you better be extra vigilant on inspecting the work quality.

So with that said, would I do it again?    Read the rest of the article by clicking here!

In the News This Week Sept 28th, 2014

Week Ending September 28th, 2014

Source: Cuenca High Life, published Sept.8th, 2014

The government’s plan to wean consumers from subsidized LP gas appears to be faltering.

When President Rafael Correa announced last year that gas subsidies would end, he said the government estimated that 3.5 million households would change to electric cooktops by early 2016. The government spends about $600 million a year on the subsidy.

As an incentive to change, the government announced it would offer financing on the purchase of new cooktops to replace gas cookers and would provide a limited reduction in electric costs.

Since then, however, the government has twice pushed back the date to end the gas subsidy, which is now set for early 2017. In addition, the financing incentive for electric cooktops has been used by less than 20% of those expected to take up the government’s offer.

Another problem is that Ecuadorian companies expected to manufacture the new electric cooktops are months behind schedule. Ecuador’ Ministry of Electricity says that only two of the 10 companies expected to be in production by last month are producing cooktops.

At least one political analyst says a new problem is emerging: politics. University of San Francisco political science professor Carlos Ruiz says the delays are pushing the end of gas subsidies close to the next round of national elections. “This could be bad for Alianza Pais and President Correa if it comes close to the election,” he says. “A political opponent could make an issue of it in the election and I think it would play well with many voters.”

Cuenca electrician Jaime Ramoz says requests for installation of 220v electric service, necessary for use of electric cooktops, have picked up but not by the amount the government predicted. “The electric company says that 100 new 220v meters are being installed every day but about half of these have nothing to do with the government’s plan. Some homeowners were already changing to 220v to run other appliances,” he says.

Cuenca utility company Centrosur has set a goal of changing 80,000 meters a year in preparation of the change-over but so far the number is running about 70% below that. Centrosur says it needs to change 320,000 meters by mid-2016 to meet government expectations.
The low numbers in Cuenca mirror those in other areas of the country.
“The number of conversions will be well below what the government predicts,” says Ramoz. He says that even homeowners who do not mind switching to electric cooking are holding back because of confusion about the plan. “They keep changing the rules so no one is sure what will happen. No one even knows if electricity will even be cheaper than subsidized gas. Everyone is waiting to see what happens.”
On the other hand, says Ramoz, many people prefer to cook with gas. “They will stay with gas even it costs more. It’s familiar to them and they already have the equipment.

Week Ending August 24th, 2014

Ecuador shrimp production and sales surging, up 31% in July vs. year ago
SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Michael Ramsingh - August 20, 2014
Ecuadorian shrimp exporters capitalized on a banner summer production season this year with shipments to major markets through July at record totals. In the US, Ecuadorian volumes were also at record levels-- particularly for smaller sized shrimp; but the overall share of Ecuador’s shrimp going to the US is down.
But while the Ecuadorians are producing and sending more shrimp the US market than ever before, the US market share from Ecuador is down in 2014...
 Source: Seafood

Week Ending August 10th, 2014

 Progress on the Salinas Pier

Photos courtesy of Joel Regnery

Week Ending July 27th, 2014

Guayas, Santa Elena Ecuador: Vehicle Accident Statistics

Posted on July 8, 2014 • (Filed under: Ecuador)
According to – The ECU-911 Samborondón system statistics reflect that from January to May this year 16.881 traffic incidents have been recorded in the provinces of Guayas and Santa Elena. The statement points out that Guayaquil is the canton where most accidents have raised in this period with 11.558, representing 68,47%. Statistics also indicate that in Guayas and Santa Elena, the main types of traffic incidents are: shock (53,87%), assault (12.68%), vehicles in poor condition (12.03%) and motorcycle (6.97%) accidents.  Read the article here...

Montanita Ecuador: Three Tourists Drown in riptides, allegedly no lifeguards on duty

Posted on July 21, 2014 • (Filed under: Ecuador, TRAVEL) reported that in the midst of a period of waves which ends today and the absence of lifeguards in the respective towers, at least 11 swimmers were swept away by the sea and 3 of them died drowned in the Montanita municipality last Saturday afternoon.
Washington Méndez, police officer of this town located in the North of the canton Santa Elena, province of the same name, said when he crossed along the beach he observed that alarmed people requesting help, had so he called for support to the Ecu-911.
He said that about 11 swimmers were drowning. Of them, 8 managed to get out alive, while in a boat were rescued 2 inert bodies and that of a woman, who even with vital signs was transferred to the hospital of Manglaralto, where she died soon after, he added…Click here to read the article

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Readers' Questions....Can you Help?

On June 22nd, Gwen Sterner wanted to know:

Can anyone recommend a store in the Salinas or La Libertad area were I can purchase bug spray and fertilizer for house plants. Also has anyone used a particular bug spray that they would recommend?

Reader Recommendations

Massage Therapy in Salinas
Tari Gleidt in Salinas is an amazing and properly trained massaged therapist.  Her phone number is 096-961-6778 and she does a FULL hour for $35...  she is fully trained and certified and I can give a testimonial to the fact that she is fantastic!!   She treats clients in her condo half way down the Malecon and has a proper massage table, etc. 

Massage Therapist in Montanita
Colleen Geis is a massage therapist in the Montanita area. She is fully trained in therapeutic massage and has been practicing for 14 years in Canada and here in Ecuador. 
She is also trained in Cranial Sacral therapy, Visceral Therapy, and Pranic healing. 
She has a treatment room set up in a local B&B and she can also travel to you. Her rates are $30.00 per hour, if you go to her and $35.00 per hour if she travels to you in the Manglaralto to La Entrada area.
The comment made by most people after her work is that it is the "best massage they have ever had."
You can contact her at or 093-982-6410

Window and Screen Installs
I would like to highly recommend a young fellow that installed new screens in my dining room area. His name is Marbel Yagual. We have the floor to ceiling slider windows across the wall which are great to let in the breeze but also let in the flies and mosquitoes. Marbel was recommended to me by Connie Carter and I couldn't be more pleased. He showed up on time. He was courteous, friendly and very professional. He measured three times to make sure everything was correct. The screens had to be customed made due to the dimensions. He returned five days later to install the screens. After installing the screens, there was a gap of about two inches at the top because the cement that the tracks were sitting on was not level at one spot. He spent the next hour chipping away to make sure the screens fit perfectly. He does not speak English and my Spanish is not that strong, but we used Google translate and had no trouble communicating. His cell phone number is 099-247-4418.

Physician in Valdivia
Rosie recommends Dr. Marcelo Garcia, in Valdivia. Dr.Garcia is fluent in both Spanish and English, and can be reached at 0991245629

Computer Repairs
Deb recommends Dan for good  work and good prices. Call him at 096-789-1302. $45 Tune-up includes full virus and spyware cleaning, dusting of internal components, registry cleaning, full diagnostic tests and system de-fragmenting. Hardware upgrades and installs available. English operating systems installed on locally purchased computers. Pick-up and drop-off along Ruta E-15, from Salinas to Olon.


Friday, 13 June 2014

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Salinas Pier photographs courtesy of Brenda Davidson.

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